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About the CEO/Founder

Regina Hightower  - CEO

Cast Your Bread Catering (CYB) CEO Regina Hightower always believed that God would increase her territory. Always faithful to His promises, God has cast his grace beyond anything she ever imagined.

It was a leap of faith that took Hightower from Corporate America to Corporate Cooking. She is the first to say that, "taking the plunge from the guaranteed to the unknown was more than a notion." Through this entreprenurial leap of faith, Hightower has not only Casts her Bread, but her net over the past decade. "My business is a testament to my faith, and my customers!"

CYB has come a long, long, long way from preparing and delivering hot Lunches to Go. Now, Cast Your Bread Catering Services caters any occasion, including:

• Weddings
• Baby Showers,
• Church functions
• Sports events
• Corporate meetings
• Parties
• Dinners



While Cast Your Bread Catering does not promise to miraculously feed your multitudes with two fish and five loaves of bread, it does promise to provide you with a magnificent meal to satisfy any palette or budget.

As we enter in a brand new decade, “Anything Food is still Everything CYB.”

Regina Hightower

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